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What is FreeBitcoin4U? .

A bitcoin faucet (FreeBitcoin4U) is a web page that gives small amounts of money (bitcoins or satoshis) for simply entering your email or bitcoin wallet address and solving a captcha, it is very easy for everyone (we need to know that you are human). FreeBitcoin4U, like most others is funded by advertisements (so please turn off your ad-blocking software!). So stop waiting, and start hitting on your bits!! Thank You for to read this mesagge..

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Question: Is it true that Bitcoin is anonymous?.

It is known that Bitcoin is designed to allow users to send and receive payments with an acceptable level of privacy, which incidentally is very good, as well as any other form of money. Despite all this, Bitcoin is not anonymous and can not offer the same level of privacy as the cash that handles most people in the world. By using the Bitcoin many public records that can be easily trace is left. Today there are several mechanisms to protect the privacy of users, and more are in development to provide greater security to the user of bitcoin.  However, there is still much work to be done before these features can be used successfully by most Bitcoin users anywhere in the world. Much Some have raised concerns that private transactions could be used for illegal purposes with Bitcoin. However, it is worth noting that Bitcoin undoubtedly will be subject to similar regulations already in place within existing financial systems. Bitcoin can not be more anonymous than cash and is unlikely to prevent criminal investigations are carried out. In addition, Bitcoin is also designed to prevent a wide range of financial crimes.

The bitcoin is the future of international transactions , reliable and accepted worldwide payments , it is probably the first time you hear talk of this virtual currency but actually it is widely used and recognized worldwide . On this page you can find a very easy and fast way to get fractions bitcoin very easily and quickly . We wish you luck and patience for this world it requires perseverance to profit

Encryption Portfolio Electronics

. Security in all businesses is a very important issue as us from many dangers, especially in internet scams and account thefts are very common abound Have you already escichado of this true? Fortunately encryption of electronic portfolio allows secure private keys in the portfolio, which gives tranquility to the users, so you can view transactions and account balance, but the password entry is requested before using their litecoins , ie you have to memorize or jot down your password to access your info and handling. This is very useful not only as protection against circulating viruses and Trojans, but also as a necessary security check before submitting a payment. Thank You so match for to read this post

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The bitcoin is positioned as the solution to the needs of today as the fast and secure exchange monetary terms . A few years ago did not even know that ina innovaci'n like this would come to revolutionize international transactions in a fast and above all safe . The advantages of bitcoin are many, but among them are not dependent on the laws of a country but is free 100%.. Block chain As every coin the bitcoin has a sitema seguidad and fluidity that characterizes it, in this case because it is an online cryptocurrency treatment is very special and little known by most people are unaware of these issues criptomonedas. in estoscasos the main chain (BLACK) is the longest series from the origin (green). Orphans blocks appear in pink, and each feature assigned a color difference and is easy to distnguir naked eye for the convenience of users. It can be said that all nodes that are part of the Bitcoin network maintain a common list of all known exchanges, which is called the chain of blocks or Block Chain. Also, also known as miners, generators nodes create new blocks, adding in each hash of the last block of the longest chain having knowledge Complicated truth? Well this is how this revolutionary currency is managed worldwide, meet her and dare to use it. When this is the case of a miner meets a new block, transmits it to the other nodes to which it is connected. In the event that results a valid block, it is sometimes the case that are false, these nodes add it to the chain and retransmitena all. This process is repeated over and over again unfinished until the block has reached all nodes in the network. It is said that very often the case is that the chain block contains the history possession of all the coins from the direction-creator to the address of the current owner, information certainly gives peace of mind to many agencies neutralize criminal acts in the cyber space. Therefore, if a user tries to reuse coins already used, the network will reject the transaction and thus fraud and / or avoiding scams.

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. Today the electronic currencies have managed to reach everyone , it has grown considerably the number of transactions with these new currencies. The faucet is a novel way to publicize the Bitcoin as they promote their exchange and use, giving movement and acceptance they need to take off. With this faucet that will recover the joy and the desire to live , so simple is speaking and using Bitcoin today is a good alternative for transactions worldwide , a solution had been expected for a long time , but Satoshi Nakamoto recently commissioned to perform this revolutionary form of international exchange , I recommend you try different ways to use Bitcoin due to its ease and reliability , this is a way to get online satoshis

What is Bitcoin? - The truth.

It is the currency that is revolutionizing the world of transactions worldwide, a digital currency that is rapidly gaining popularity because it is the solution for many of the problems of currency trading. It is created and used electronically, you can use to buy goods and services or transfer money anywhere in the world. This is a great advantage because their purpose anywhere in the world does, in some cases, better than the dollar. The Bitcoin is the first coin to be accepted worldwide and no currency exchange, no minimums, no limits and does not require a bank account as other currencies if needed The Bitcoin was invented in 2008 as a pay-as equals for use in online transactions. Satoshi Nakamoto a Japonesque years studied the global financial system called Bitcoin as the future first world currency. Any State authority is responsible for Bitcoin, which is why we can not be degraded, controlled or used as a political tool. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, there is no need for a third party or "broker" to facilitate transactions between a buyer and a seller, this is another factor that has become so popular to Bitcoin, insomuch compared with strongest currencies in the world and keep pace to them. The clearing of electronic currency Bitcoin is performed on computers around the world, running the Bitcoin software, which operates the protocol for administering the Bitcoin transactions. That software is downloaded and run by any user in the world, and any computer running the software can join the network. Bitcoin currently already has its history, he has had ups and downs and has come to cost more than 1,000 US dollars, which gives us an idea of the volume of demand and transactions has come to have.